Complex Commercial & Business Litigation

The key areas of focus in our commercial and business litigation practice include:

  • Business Torts: We regularly litigate business tort claims involving fraud and misrepresentation (including their application to contractual claims), unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duties, theft, interference with existing business relationships (including misappropriation of trade secrets) and business asset dispositions.
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance: We defend securities shareholder derivative claims against corporations, their officers and directors. Such litigation is just part of our substantial capabilities at conducting internal corporate investigations of alleged illegal conduct, including securities fraud, commercial fraud, bribery and embezzlement.
  • Financial Institution Litigation: We assist clients with contractual claims arising from a wide variety of business and trade relationships, including disputes over business acquisition and disposition agreements, disputes among partners and shareholders, Uniform Commercial Code issues in the sale of goods and services and distribution and franchise disputes.
  • Trade and Business Practices and Regulation Disputes: Our substantial work in this area involves a wide range of statutory, tort and business practice litigation, including contested business dissolution cases involving the members or shareholders of close corporations, of limited liability companies, limited partnerships, S corporations and a variety of other entities.